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FIT INDIA ACADEMY is the ideal starting point for all aspiring fitness enthusiasts. Our program equips every aspirant with basic fundamentals of fitness. This ensures that they approach fitness in a scientific manner and create value for every customer they train.

A Fit India academy Certificate trainer will always be competent in designing and delivering high-quality, customized scientific training to clients based on their varying body type and individual fitness goals.

At FIA, we build strong careers by including professionalism in our trainees. We train to train and deliver beyond customer expectations. Our trainers can go toe to toe with any fitness professional in the world because they are backed with the right knowledge of the body sciences.

The Fitness industry is booming and it offers opportunities to everyone who is passionate about fitness. It doesn’t matter what your background is. You could currently be a marketing professional or a software engineer, etc. Your future could be in fitness

What do personal trainers do?

Personal trainers work with clients to develop safe, effective exercise programs and implement fitness training regimens that help achieve and maintain fitness goals. Trainers introduce clients to exercises based on their skill levels and needs. Personal trainers can also assist their clients in nutrition with proper education. They must keep up with the latest professional recommendations and findings in fitness and nutrition.

Personal training is a rewarding profession — you get to improve people’s lives and see real results over time.

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Become A Qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer With Us .

Personal trainer certification

Becoming a personal trainer can be a good career choice if you love fitness and helping others achieve their goals. Just like any other specialized field, personal trainers need to have a variety of skills. Between coaching clients and building personalized training plans, a successful personal trainer must be analytical, motivational, and nurturing.

As we continue to learn more about the human body, the fitness industry will continue to evolve. Commit to becoming a lifelong learner, and you’ll be able to instruct based on the latest in exercise science.

If you’ve decided personal training is for you, your next step is to get certified.

As a certified personal trainer you will receive a wide degree of knowledge in general fitness that helps in instructing and prescribing exercises modules to customers depending on their individual needs.

 If you are new in the fitness industry then to become a fitness trainer it is recommended to have a certification from a good institution like FIA where you can learn all the relevant concepts related to fitness industry.

Being successful as a personal trainer takes work, talent, skill, and experience. Getting a certification is a guarantee that you’ll get clients or, more importantly, be able to keep those clients.

We are here to help you educate without disturbing your current job and we also assure excellent job opportunities.

Why Fit India Academy

  • Training methodology(Applied science).

  • Simplified methods.

  • Audio-visual training.

  • Modular training: making it more convenient.

  • FIA offers internships to the students, in our facilities, after the completion of the courses, to enable them a hands-on experience in the fitness industry.

  • Get Internationally certified trainer.

  • Train your clients more scientifically, effectively and safely.

  • Training with different methodologies like more practical, audio visual training.

  • First time ever case study based training.

  • Simplified training materials which make you understand easily.

  • Affordable and highly comprehensive, scientific evidence-based education courses are offered


Personal Trainer Skills you will gain


    • Fitness Assessment
    • Communication
    • Leadership
    • Nutrition and Weight Management
    • Analytical Thinking
    • Ethics and professionalism
    • Fitness planning
    • Exercise techniques
    • Problem-solving
    • Motivational skills

      Combines classroom-based and practical instruction in the fundamental concepts behind physical fitness and the development of exercise plans.

      Classes are well designed, easy to follow and held at times convenient to the working professional. The faculty is handpicked and invariably has many years of teaching experience.


Our Mission is to create and curate

FIA has its own special tools and secrets, and that the future Personal trainers of FIA must be at the forefront in the fitness industry. The academy prepares new experts and managers in the field of fitness, as well as training professional fitness instructors. FIA is providing new job opportunities and careers today, and will always be a main supporter in the journey of development of personal trainers and fitness industry.

We’re working hard to ensure that FIA empowers coaches of all kinds to better understand what their client needs and how best to help them in achieving their fitness goals.

FIA offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and  learning materials that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. We focus on skill mastery to help learners establish strong foundations, .

We make learning and teaching processes interactive and supportive. The FIA  is a learning ecosystem that helps fitness professionals and fitness enthusiasts to understand, learn and upgrade their knowledge.

We provide job opportunities for our certified trainers all across Bangalore.

Growing career opportunities in the fitness industry :

Personal trainers have many job opportunities in the fitness industry. More people are becoming aware of the importance of fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle and this has certainly increased the number of career opportunities in the fitness industry. The world always needs new, enthusiastic trainers to get the word out about health and fitness.

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